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Following a DWI arrest in Houston, Texas, DWI lawyer Israel B. Garcia, Jr., Attorney – Abogado will help you understand the charges you’re facing and what the next best step is. The most common things at stake following a DWI arrest are jail time or monetary fines, the loss of your driving privileges, and a possible criminal record. The tides, however, can turn in your favor with a criminal lawyer by your side.

After contacting Israel B. Garcia, Jr., Attorney – Abogado, a criminal defense lawyer who specializes in DWI cases will work fast and hard to:

  • Negotiate Bail: Their lawyers know the inner workings of how the bail process works in Houston, Texas. As a result, they will usually be able to get you out quickly at a reduced bail price.
  • Impart Proper Courtroom Etiquette: Nowhere does image matter more than in the courtroom. As a result, Israel B. Garcia, Jr., Attorney – Abogado will share tips for how to dress and act during the arraignment. During this initial court process, your lawyer will also advise you how to plea based on the circumstances of your case.
  • Get You Reduced Charges, Sentencing, And Alternative Options: Israel B. Garcia, Jr., Attorney – Abogado will make every effort to either get your charges dismissed or lowered. If the prosecution has a strong case against you, plea bargains can be negotiated to keep you out of jail. Some of the top alternative sentencing options for first-time offenders in the State of Texas include community service or electronic monitoring, for instance. In some cases, Israel B. Garcia, Jr., Attorney – Abogado may also be able to request a restricted license so you are able to travel to and from work or school.

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