The National Safety Council estimates 38,300 people were killed and 4.4 million injured on U.S. roads in car accidents in 2015, which saw the largest one-year percentage increase in half a century.

When you’ve been in a car accident, you have a lot on your mind. Aside from any emotional turmoil and stress, you have to deal with your injuries, damage to your vehicle, handling your claim, and any other issues.

Lawyers can help you deal with the process of your claim and reduce your stress in the process. The following information will help you determine whether hiring an attorney is the right choice for you.

Property Damage

One of the biggest losses after car accidents is the loss of property. Your vehicle may be heavily damaged and, in some cases, be considered a total loss.

It’s typically the car insurance company’s prerogative to either:

  • Deem your car a total loss.
  • Pay for repairs.

First, you’ll need to determine whether your coverage will pay or whether the other company will pay. For instance:

  • If you are at fault, you’ll seek reimbursement through your own policy.
  • If you are not at fault, you’ll generally seek payment through the other insurer.
  • In some cases (e.g., if you live in a no-fault state, or you were in a hit and run), you may seek compensation from your own car insurance company.

Regardless of the company from which you’re seeking payment, you might find their initial claim offer is insufficient to fully cover your repair or replacement costs.

If you don’t have the energy or knowledge to pursue a more substantial claim, you need the services of an attorney to ensure you get what you deserve.