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No issue in a divorce is as likely to cause as much conflict as questions about child custody. While most people want to do what is right for their children, other emotions can cloud your judgment and cause contentious custody battles that can negatively impact your children for the rest of their lives. Israel B. Garcia, Jr., Attorney – Abogado, an experienced divorce attorney and child support lawyer in Houston, always strives to find amicable solutions to these problems. If your divorce may lead to a child custody battle, he recommends the following steps to ensure that your rights, and the needs of your children, are protected.


  • Request a DNA test. If there are any questions about paternity, request that the court order a DNA test. The results could have a major impact on the outcome of your case.
  • Locate witnesses. If mediation of the conflict isn’t possible, or if there are allegations of unfit parenthood, you may need witnesses who will testify before the court on your behalf about the level of care you provide. Teachers, relatives, and family friends all qualify as potential witnesses.
  • Hire a qualified attorney. An experienced family lawyer with a thorough understanding of the laws in your state will ensure that your rights are protected and will help keep you focused on your long-term goals.

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