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If your business deals with other companies, disagreements over contract terms, disputed boundary lines, or billing issues can occur at any time. Business disputes can be extremely costly and time-consuming to resolve, often requiring a detailed and thorough understanding of business and contract law. Israel B. Garcia, Jr., Attorney – Abogado, a highly skilled business and criminal lawyer with over 20 years of experience, encourages everyone involved in a legal dispute to have professional representation. The future of your business could depend on it.


For one thing, if the other party hires a lawyer and you don’t, you’ll find yourself at a considerable disadvantage when it comes to negotiating in front of a mediator or presenting your side of the disagreement before a judge. Their lawyer has professional experience and an in-depth knowledge of the law, as well as an arsenal of legal procedures and practices, so you need someone with those same tools looking out for your interests.

Even if the other side hasn’t retained a lawyer yet, hiring an attorney is the best way to ensure the best possible outcome for your case. Israel B. Garcia, Jr. will help identify legal strategies you might have missed and knows how to present an argument before a court. Without expert legal advice, you could lose your company and everything you’ve invested in it, all because of one business dispute.

Serving the Houston, surrounding areas and other locales in the State of Texas, visit or call Israel B. Garcia, Jr., Attorney – Abogado if you need assistance with a business dispute or any other pressing legal matter to discuss your case today.

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